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ODH Grants

The Ohio Department of Health offers grants relating to a variety of public health programs to organizations in Ohio, including county and local health departments.

Grants Request for Proposals Calendar:

Grants Requests for Proposals

Individual grant program Request for Proposals (RFP's) detail specific application and submission requirements for eligible agencies. Each individual grant RFP listed available during the allowable application submission period.


Competitive Requests for Proposals (RFPs) Archive Section

This section contains the archived ODH Competitive Requests for Proposals (RFPs):  Program's guidance for the entire grant program period. Refer to your program's RFP during a continuation grant budget period.


Grants Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual (OGAPP)                                                                       

The ODH Grants Administration Policy and Procedure (OGAPP) Manual explains and governs the administration of grant funds. The OGAPP Manual also contains information for current subgrantees.


Compliance Team Overview

The Compliance Team (CT) contributes to the Office of Financial Affairs by improving the credibility of the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) through financial and performance auditing.


Grants Management Information System (GMIS) Training Resource 

GMIS Training Resource Table of Contents:

Section 1- Grant Application Submission Part 1
                 Grant Application Submission Part 2

Section 2- Attaching Documents in GMIS

Section 3- Special Conditions Submission

Section 4- Budget Revision Submission

                   a. Initial Budget Revision with Base and Deliverables

                   b. Initial Budget Revision for Deliverables   

Section 5- Expenditure Report Submission

                 a. Expenditure Report with Deliverables

Section 6- Final Report Submission

Section 7- Acronyms Glossary

Requests for any additional information, or specific questions should be directed to the ODH Grants Services Unit at (614) 728-8369 or by faxing us at (614) 752-9783, attention: Grants Services Unit.

Page Updated: 9/7/2018