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List of Ohio Uncontrolled Lead Hazard Properties


ODH has posted a list of Ohio properties whose owners have refused to comply with an order from ODH or its delegated local board of health to control known lead hazards. For a property to be included on the list, a child younger than age 6 living in the home tested positive for an elevated blood lead level; this triggered a public health lead investigation by ODH or its delegated local board of health, and the investigation identified a lead hazard in the home (the most common being deteriorating lead-based paint in pre-1978 housing); a Lead Hazard Control Order was issued to the property owner, ordering him/her to control the lead hazard; and the property owner refused to control the lead hazard, so an Order to Vacate the property was issued, declaring it unsafe for human occupation, especially for children younger than 6 years old and pregnant women. ODH is posting this list for a couple of reasons. First, the state executive budget for the next biennium is proposing the creation of a new voluntary Lead-Safe Housing Registry to make it easier for Ohio families to identify lead-safe housing when looking for a place to live. “We think that in addition to giving people access to a list of lead-safe housing, it also makes sense to give them access to a list of properties that are known to have uncontrolled lead hazards,” said Gene Phillips, Chief of the ODH Bureau of Environmental Health and Radiation Protection. Second, ODH is asking Ohio’s housing rental assistance organizations for their help in ensuring that children are not living in housing with known unsafe lead levels since lead poisoning disproportionately affects children in low-income families. ODH’s properties list is the source housing rental assistance organizations can check to make sure that they are not providing rental assistance for properties where the property owner is refusing to control known lead hazards.

Last Updated: 5/12/2017