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National Radiation Protection Professionals Week

National Radiation Protection Professionals Week from November 5 – 11 is a weeklong event to honor radiation protection professionals is set in November to celebrate the discovery of X-rays by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen on November 8, 1895.

Radiation protection professionals provide leadership in protecting the public from the hazards of radiation. These dedicated individuals work diligently to ensure that radiation and radioactive materials are used safely and beneficially in thousands of different ways. From advances in medicine, environment, industry and security, radiation protection professionals have made us a safer and healthier, while continuing to support technological advancements.

Here at the Ohio Department of Health, the Bureau of Environmental Health and Radiation Protection programs are comprised of three program areas, each managed by an individual program administrator. The three programs are Agreement State, X-ray and Radiological Health and Safety. Each area works to serve the mission of Radiation Protection through direct execution of activities. Staff for each area is comprised of health physicists and administrative staff under the direction of a health physics supervisor.


Radiation is used safely every day by industry, in medicine, and in colleges and universities for a wide range of uses. Some uses include measuring the density or thickness of materials such as metal or paper; medical procedures such as stress tests, CT scans and x-rays; and academic uses such as estimating the ages of rocks (Uranium series dating) or formerly living things (Carbon-14 dating) and genetic research. 


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Page Updated: 11/6/2017