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Simple Steps Save Lives


“In a minute, I’m going to drown in the pool surrounded by friends and relatives. That’s because Mom thinks Dad is watching me and Dad thinks Mom is watching me. But, actually nobody’s watching me.”

These words are heard in the “Abbey’s Hope Safer Pools. Safer Kids.” powerful PSA video to prevent child drownings and encourage active supervision in and around water. The Ohio Department of Health partnered with Abbey’s Hope on the video as part of its drowning prevention and water safely campaign.

Other ODH video PSAs are reminders during the summer season to please keep eyes on kids while swimming, and that an extra safety step could mean the difference between a close call and a call to 911.

Approximately, 88 percent of child drowning deaths occur with an adult nearby. Sometimes there’s no do-over. Some things you can’t rewind.

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During this summer swimming season, remember that simple steps save lives.

Page Updated: 5/29/2018