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New 2017-19 State Health Improvement Plan Released

Throughout the past two decades, Ohio’s performance on population health outcomes has declined relative to other states. During the past year-and-a-half, ODH and the Governor’s Office of Health Transformation have worked with the Health Policy Institute of Ohio (HPIO) and other state and local partners on a process to conduct a new State Health Assessment and develop a new State Health Improvement Plan in order to help identify and address population health priorities and improve health outcomes in Ohio. HPIO convened a Population Health Planning Advisory Group that included 42 participants representing local health departments, hospitals, healthcare and behavioral health providers, purchasers of healthcare services, and consumer advocates among others. From March to August 2016, HPIO coordinated the completion of the State Health Assessment, looking at issues which impact health, including but not limited to social and economic factors, health conditions, health behaviors and access to healthcare and public health services. From August 2016 to February 2017, HPIO coordinated the process of identifying population health priorities based on results of the State Health Assessment and the development of a new 2017-19 State Health Improvement Plan to address them.



The plan includes three priority health topics – mental health and addiction (including outcomes for drug dependence and abuse, and drug overdose deaths); maternal and infant health (including outcomes for infant mortality); and chronic disease. It also includes cross-cutting drivers of health, including health equity; social determinants of health; the public health system, prevention and health behaviors; and the healthcare system and access. Developed with input from many state and local stakeholders, the State Health Improvement Plan serves as a strategic menu of priorities, objectives and evidence-based strategies to be implemented by state agencies; local health departments, hospitals and other community partners engaged in community health improvement planning; and sectors beyond health including education, housing, employers and regional planning.


“Working together at the state and local levels, we can improve the health of Ohioans by implementing evidence-based activities on the scale needed to measurably improve key health outcomes and improve health equity,” said ODH Director Rick Hodges. Copies of the State Health Assessment, State Health Improvement Plan, state action plans, community strategy and indicator toolkits, local planning guidance and other materials are available on ODH’s State Health Improvement Plan Web page.






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