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Cancer Data and Statistics

This page contains links to publications by the Ohio Cancer Incidence Surveillance System (OCISS) that are relevant to the collection and analyses of Ohio cancer incidence data.  

  • TobaccoProfile11_15_July24 NEW - This report describes the prevalence of tobacco use and its impact on cancers associated with tobacco use in Ohio.

  • Ohio Annual Cancer Report 2018  NEW - Summary of cancer incidence and mortality for 2015 and cancer trends for 2006-2015.

  • County Cancer Profiles NEW - a series of county-level profiles of cancer incidence, mortality, stage at diagnosis, and associated health behaviors.

  • Cancer in Ohio 2016 – Comprehensive report that includes Ohio-specific data and information on cancer incidence and mortality, trends, stage at diagnosis, risk factors, signs and symptoms, screening and early detection, treatment and survival.

  • Cancers Associated with Human Papillomavirus in Ohio - This report provides data and information on human papillomavirus (HPV) associated cancers in Ohio, including cancer incidence and mortality rates, trends, stage at diagnosis, protective factors and HPV immunization rates.

  • Child & Adolescent Cancer in Ohio, 1996-2011 - Done in partnership with The Ohio State University, this report provides data and information about childhood cancer incidence and mortality in Ohio.
  • Cancers Associated with Overweight and Obesity, Ohio, 1996—2009 - Data and information about the cancers associated with over-weight and obesity, including a summary of cancer incidence and mortality rates over time.

  • Poverty and Cancer in Ohio, 2010-2014 - Cancer disparities in Ohio's poorest and most affluent counties.


Last Updated: 8/14/2018