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Ohio Protocol For Sexual Assault Forensic and Medical Exams

The Ohio Protocol was originally developed in 1991. This is the fifth edition and is a result of a review of the National Protocol for Sexual Assault Medical and Forensic Examination, best practices shared from other states and input from a number of experts throughout Ohio.

Major Changes in 2011 Edition:

  • Use of a Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) coordinated community approach.
  • Requirement of Protocol Coordinator for Sexual Assault Forensic Examination (SAFE) reimbursement program.
  • Provision of anonymous kits to victims/survivors 18 and older.
  • Web-based SAFE reimbursement form.
  • Training requirements for SANEs and physicians conducting pediatric exams.
  • Increases the time to conduct a forensic exam from 72 hours to 96 (four full days) following the assault.  

The purpose of the Ohio Protocol is to provide comprehensive, standardized, non-judgmental, equitable treatment of survivors of sexual assault. This current 2011 edition of the protocol was issued under the authority of the Ohio Public Health Council, which was charged by the Ohio General Assembly to establish procedures for gathering evidence for victims of sexual offenses. (ORC section 2907.29). Since 2011, the ORC has changed and now states “Director of Health” where it previously listed “Public Health Council”.  The 2011 protocol was developed in conjunction with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation, the Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence, the American Academy of Pediatrics, Ohio Committee on Child Abuse and Neglect, the Ohio Chapter of the International Association of Forensic Nurses and the Ohio Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians. This protocol is intended to facilitate the provision of consistent, comprehensive healthcare treatment to include emotional, social, and crisis intervention, as well as provide information about available follow-up services in the community.

Following the issuance of the protocol In 2011, the Sexual Assault Advisory Board of Ohio (SAABO) was formed. SAABO’s mission is to ensure continued evaluation of the protocol in meeting current practice, identify and handle complaints and concerns, and introduce subject matter that will aid implementation of the protocol.

Use of this protocol is a requirement of the Ohio Attorney General’s office in order for hospitals to be eligible for reimbursement of costs of evidence collection from the Ohio Victims of Crime Compensation Fund. Note: It is unlawful to bill the victim or the victim’s insurer for the cost of a sexual assault examination conducted to collect evidence. Inquiries and feedback are an essential part of making Ohio’s Protocol an effective tool. Please e-mail feedback to: and in the subject line write "Attention SADVPP-SAABO."


Protocol for the Treatment of Adult and Older Adolescent Sexual Assault patient (2011 Edition)

Ohio Child and Adolescent Sexual Abuse Protocol (2009 Edition)


Appendix 1 - Model for Sexual Assault Community Protocol

Appendix 2 - Ohio SART Training Information

Appendix 3 - Ohio Crime Victims Handout and AGO Picking up the Pieces

Appendix 4 - Sample Notification Letter for Hospitals/Facilities to send after Examining a Minor without Parent Consent

Appendix 5 - Criteria for Ohio SAFE Program – Child Sexual Abuse Exams (Effective January 31, 2012)

  • Competency requirements for physicians conducting child sexual abuse exam
  • Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner – Competencies for recognition in Ohio for Child Sexual Abuse Evaluation
  • See above AGO forms under Ohio Child and Adolescent Sexual Abuse Protocol.  Effective January 31, 2012, in order for the physician or SANE to receive reimbursement for the exam they have conducted, the AGO form must be submitted and approved prior to the exam.

Appendix 6 - Patient Handouts

  • Information You Should Know as A Sexual Assault Survivor
  • Helping Your Child: A Note to Parents and Caregivers
  • Caring for Yourself: A Note to Survivors
  • After Care Information and Resources
  • Document of Care

Appendix 7 - Sample Quality Assurance Tools

Appendix 8 - Specific Knowledge and Skills Set Beneficial for Health Care Professionals Conducting a Forensic Exam

Appendix 9 - Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault protocol

Appendix 10 - Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit

Appendix 11 - Sample Medical History Form

Appendix 12 - HIV

Appendix 13 - Emergency Contraceptives

  • Terms
  • Fact Sheet Sample - for obtaining consent

Appendix 14 - Outline of the Criminal Justice System

Appendix 15 - Ohio Attorney General Sexual Assault Forensic Examination Payment Program (AGO SAFE) - REVISED 12/2012)

Appendix 16 - Provisions within the Ohio Revised Code Dealing with Sexual Assault

Appendix 17 - Emergency Medical Services Protocol for Sexual Assault (Revised 2012)

Appendix 18 - Male Survivors of Sexual Assault

Appendix 19 - Child Assault Reporting Guidelines


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