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Ohio Injury Prevention Partnership


 What's New?

Mission and Vision

Mission: To prevent injuries in Ohio using data and collaborative partnerships.                         

Vision: Working together to create a safe and injury free Ohio.


What is the Ohio Injury Prevention Partnership (OIPP)?

The OIPP is a statewide group of professionals representing a broad range of agencies and organizations concerned with building Ohio’s capacity to address the prevention of injury, particularly related to the group’s identified priority areas (see below).

The group is coordinated by ODH with funds from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It will advise and assist ODH and Violence and Injury Prevention Program with establishing priorities and future directions regarding injury and violence prevention initiatives in Ohio.


Why does the OIPP exist?

Injury and violence are major public health problems in Ohio because of their incomparable cost and  disabling and disrupting consequences. They remain the leading cause of death for Ohioans aged 1 to 44 and the fifth leading cause of death overall. The OIPP is committed to strengthening and sustaining effective injury and violence prevention measures that reflect the significance of the problem. Members of the group agree:

  • Injuries are not "accidents"; they are preventable.
  • Collaboration is effective in addressing injury.
  • Improved statewide coordination of injury prevention efforts is needed in Ohio.
  • Initiatives should be data-driven to identify the populations at highest risk.


What injuries does the OIPP address?

The OIPP is concerned with preventing injury of all types. However, based on Ohio-specific injury data and an in-depth prioritization process, the group has identified the following injury priority areas:

  • Falls Among Older Adults
  • Drug Overdose
  • Child/Youth Injury
    • Child Passenger Safety
    • Teen Driver Safety
    • Bicycle Helmets/Wheeled Sports Safety
    • Sports-related Concussion
    • Infant Safe Sleep

OIPP Action Groups

OIPP action groups have been developed to create and implement action plans to address injury priorities, promote policy & systems change and improve state-wide data collection.  These groups include:


How Do I Join?

To become a member of the OIPP or any of the Action Groups please complete the online membership application. You will begin to receive meeting notifications and updates about the group's activities.

Last Reviewed 2/13/2018