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OIPP Promising Practice and Champion Awards

The OIPP Promising Practice Award recognizes outstanding community-based programs aimed at reducing the incidence of injury and violence in Ohio. The OIPP Champion Award is presented to individuals who have advanced injury prevention in Ohio through the promotion of evidence-based policies at the state, local or organizational level (school, work site, health care setting, etc.)

2017 Award Winners

2017 Promising Practice Award Winners

Stark County Health Department – Prescription Drug Overdose (PDO) Pilot Project

The Stark County Health Department was awarded funding for a PDO program in January 2017 to address the issue in the jail system. The project included identifying inmates that were at risk for an overdose upon release, interviewing them and providing naloxone training in attempts to decrease prescription drug overdose with this often overlooked population. At the end of this pilot project, 142 inmates were identified through the screening process, of which 70 percent had a previous reversal with Narcan, thus demonstrating the need for this population to receive education and training on naloxone.

Mercy Medical Center – Older Adult Falls Prevention Program

Mercy Medical Center’s emergency department determined that they had a large number of patients 65 years of age and older whose chief complaint was fall related. The center set a goal to decrease the number of older adults with fall-related injuries coming in to the emergency department as well as the number of fall patients who return to the ER a second time. Mercy Medical Center staff started by screening patients in the emergency department using the STEADI guidelines regardless of the patient’s chief complain if he or she is older than 65. Additionally, the hospital would send a letter to the patient’s primary care physical based on the STEADI fall risk assessment and recommend referrals to them based on that assessment. Implementing this program in the emergency room has allowed for more of the population to be reached.

Ohio Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) – Safe Sleep Messaging Research

The Ohio AAP’s Safe Sleep Messaging research utilizes and seeks to expand the availability of evidence-based strategies to increase the practice of safe sleep for infants in Ohio. The project combined the collection of data from families using a tested survey tool in a variety of settings with the distribution of sleep sacks and education to families who participated. Research has demonstrated that the combination of providing an injury prevention device (the sleep sack) with education on using the device is more effective than providing just education or device. The Safe Sleep Messaging research project utilized an innovative combination of grassroots outreach, collaboration with the community groups, and electronic data collection. The Ohio AAP secured funding for the project, and then connected with community groups around the state to attend events where infant caregivers would be present. The diverse partners included breastfeeding promotion groups, motherhood and fatherhood organizations, and community groups representing a variety of demographics, socio-economic and geographic groups. The biggest outcome of this project was the shift in thinking around safe sleep messaging with caregivers when the results of the survey were presented. The Safe Sleep Messaging program was presented nationally at the Cribs for Conference in 2017.

2017 Champion Award Winner

Patty Maag, Tuscarawas County Health Department – Child Occupant Protection


Patty has served as a regional coordinator for Ohio’s Occupant Protection Program for almost 20 years. She’s spent countless hours researching best practices for rear-facing, extended harnessing and booster seat laws for children. She has also worked tirelessly to strengthen Ohio’s Child Passenger Safety Law.

Patty is both- caregivers and car seat technicians. Patty has spent countless hours researching-best practice for rear facing, extended harnessing, and booster seat laws. She has worked tirelessly to strengthen Ohio's Child Passenger Safety law, and has conducted education on the enforcement with law enforcement.

Patty was also an advocate for the passage of Ohio’s Booster seat law in 2008. Patty has served on planning committee for Occupant Protection Conference. She played a role in the current strategic plan for the Child Injury Action Group. She has been an advocate for under-served counties in her region, for more resources, training, and funding for occupant protection. It would be nearly impossible to count the number of people Patty has reached through her job.


Congratulations to all the 2017 winners! 


Last Reviewed 12/04/2017