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Freestanding Birthing Centers

Freestanding birthing centers or "birthing centers" are licensed as Health Care Facilities in Ohio.  The rules for birthing centers are found at sections 3701-83-33 through 3701-83-42 of the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC).  Birthing centers are limited to serving "low risk" expectant mothers, but may provide services during pregnancy, delivery, and the immediate postpartum period.  A physician or a certified nurse midwife in collaboration may direct birthing center patient services with a physician.

Birthing centers owned and operated by a religious entity and that provide services exclusively to women who are members of that religious denomination, sect or group are not required to obtain a license under section 3702.30 of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC).  These centers are, however, subject to minimum patient safety monitoring and evaluation requirements by the Ohio Department of Health under the provisions of sections 3701-83-56 through 3701-83-59 of the OAC.

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