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2016 State Health Assessment (SHA)

The SHA is a comprehensive and actionable picture of health and wellbeing in Ohio. The purpose of the SHA is to:

  • Inform identification of priorities in the state health improvement plan (SHIP)
  • Provide a template for state agencies and local partners, with a uniform set of categories and metrics to use in related assessments

The SHA was conducted from March to July 2016 and the SHIP will be completed by the end of 2016. The purpose of the SHIP is to:

  • Provide state agency leaders, local health departments, hospitals and other state and local partners with a strategic menu of priorities, objectives and evidence-based strategies
  • Signal opportunities for partnership with sectors beyond health


2016 State Health Assessment (SHA)

Full Report


Executive Summary


On-line SHA Tool


2017-19 State Health Improvement Plan


Details of the SHA/SHIP Planning Process


Last Updated: 1/4/2018