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State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP)

The 2016 state health assessment (SHA), released in August 2016, described the current status of health and wellbeing in Ohio and highlighted the state’s many opportunities to improve health outcomes, reduce disparities and control healthcare spending. This 2017-2019 state health improvement plan (SHIP) seizes upon those opportunities by laying out specific goals and strategies designed to achieve measurable improvements on key priorities.

Developed with input from many state and local-level stakeholders, the 2017-2019 SHIP serves as a strategic menu of priorities, objectives and evidence-based strategies to be implemented by:

  • State agencies (see state response listed in parts three through six of this plan)
  • Local health departments, hospitals and other community partners engaged in community health improvement planning (see community strategy and indicator toolkits)
  • Sectors beyond health, including education, housing, employers and regional planning


Ohio 2017-19 State Health Improvement Plan

Ohio 2017-19 SHIP Snapshot

Ohio 2016 State Health Assessment

Ohio 2016 SHA Snapshot

Ohio 2016 SHA Executive Summary


SHIP Companion Documents

Governor’s Office of Health Transformation white papers (2018-19 budget proposals)

State Action Plans

Mental Health and Addiction

Chronic Disease

Maternal and Infant Health


Community Strategy and Indicator Toolkits

Mental Health and Addiction

Chronic Disease

Maternal and Infant Health

Master List of SHIP Indicators


Local Planning Guidance

Improving Population Health Planning in Ohio: Guidance for Aligning State and Local Efforts

Letter to Tax-Exempt Hospitals about Reporting Requirements


Population Health Plans and Assessments

Local Health Department and Hospital Plans by County


Questions about Community Alignment should be sent to: 


Support Documents

Details of the SHA/SHIP Planning

Improving Population Health Planning Advisory Group


Last Updated: 12/21/2017