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Trainee FAQ

IMPORTANT! You will need to download and complete the Trainee Permit Notary Form, and then upload the completed form during the online Trainee Permit application process.

1. Is a trainee permit a license?

No. A trainee permit is not a license. The permit allows you to fit and sell hearing aids under the supervision of a licensed hearing aid dealer. You must pass the written and performance examinations before you can be issued a license.

2. What should my supervisor be doing for me as a trainee?

The duties of the supervisor are outlined in Section 4747-1-14 of the Ohio Administrative Code. You should read the laws and rules and discuss them with your supervisor.

3. Does my supervisor have to be with me at all times?

The supervisor must accompany you for the first 90 days. The supervisor must review and co-sign all documents and tests related to the fitting and sale of any hearing aid.

4. How long can I be a trainee?

Your trainee permit is good for one year, and can be renewed one time.

5. When can I take the examination?

You can take the examination anytime. However, if you do not have a trainee permit, you can not fit or sell hearing aids until you become licensed.

6. How do I prepare for the examination?

When your trainee permit is issued you are provided with information about the study materials. You can also link to the information from the Examination page on this website.

7. Can I transfer my permit to another supervisor?

If you transfer supervisors you must submit a new application containing the new supervisor’s signature. A duplicate permit will be issued with the new supervisor’s name. The application fee for a duplicate permit is $16.00. Log in to to complete your new supervisor application. You will also need to submit a completed Trainee Permit Notary Form.

8. What if my permit expires and I have not passed the examination?

If you have only had your permit for one year you can renew that permit for one more year. If your permit has been renewed one time you can still take the examination, but you can not fit and sell hearing aids until you become licensed.

9. What if I have lost my permit?

If you lose your permit, submit a service request to the Board for a duplicate permit. The fee for a duplicate permit is $16.00. Log in to to complete your request for a duplicate permit.

10. How long does it take to process my application?

Generally, trainee permits are issued within a few days of receipt of the application. Delays are caused if the application is not complete, there is no completed notary form or it is unreadable or illegible, or there is no attached physician statement.

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Page updated 11/30/2017

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