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Door Knob with Deteriorated Paint

Data and Statistics on Lead Poisoning - Children

More than 42 percent of all housing units in Ohio were built before 1950 and are likely to contain lead hazards. Ohio has approximately 3.7 million housing units containing some lead-based paint on interior and/or exterior surfaces Each year, approximately 150,000 children from birth to 6 years of age are screened for lead poisoning and currently, less than 3 percent are found to have confirmed elevated blood lead levels.

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County Breakdown of Blood Lead Levels for Ohio Children. 

City* Data on Ohio Children found to have high blood levels.

*City is based on reported mailing address with each blood lead result. Mailing address “city” and municipal jurisdiction are not always the same and these data may differ from other legitimate sources, as result.


Number of Children, Less than Six Years of Age, Tested for Lead in Ohio, 1999-2015 

Prevalence of Confirmed Blood Lead Levels ≥10 µg/dL in Tested Ohio Children, Less than Six Years of Age, 1999-2015

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