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                    Approved Systems and Components

The Ohio Revised Code (ORC) authorizes the Ohio Department of Health and the Sewage Treatment Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to review and approve Sewage Treatment Systems (STS) and components that achieve different levels of sewage treatment. The ODH and TAC review and approval process is intended to ensure that pretreatment component reliability and effluent quality is achieved and maintained. Effluent quality standards from an STS or a pretreatment component are established through various means. These standards are based on water quality requirements in the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit  as required by the Clean Water Act for discharging systems, state-established standards for discharge into the soil, local health district requirements for nutrient reduction (nitrogen and phosphorous), and rule provisions related to high-strength waste reduction (small flow or commercial systems).

The Ohio Department of Health, in consultation with the Sewage Treatment Systems Technical Advisory Committee, establishes standards for pretreatment components used to treat sewage prior to effluent distribution to a soil absorption component: Standards for approval

A complete listing of approved pretreatment systems and components, system schematics, system installation and inspection checklists, and operation and maintenance manuals are provided below for each manufacturer authorized for use in Ohio. 

 Aero-Tech                 AES-Presby              Anua                  Bio-Microbics            Bionest                       
 Clearstream Consolidated Treatment Systems Delta  Ecological Tanks  Eco-Pure
 Eljen  Flow2 (F2-UV)  Hoot     Hydro-Action  
 Jet                 Norweco   Orenco  Quanics  Premier Tech Aqua Coco Filters


 Winelco  Zoeller    

updated 12/01/16