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What is a Well?

As per the definition in Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) rule 3701-28-01 (NNNN)

""Well" means any excavation greater than ten feet below the ground surface regardless of design or method of construction that is done or used for any of the following purposes:

  1. Removing ground water for the provision of water for human consumption; or
  2. Determining the quality, quantity, or level of ground water in or the stratigraphy of an aquifer, excluding borings for instrumentation in dams, dikes or levees or highway embankments."

         Steps to Construct, Alter, and Seal a Private Water System

         Private Water Systems Rules (OAC 3701-28)    

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Well Safety and Maintenance Guides and Fact Sheets

Forms and Resources

Additional Guides

The following guides have not been updated to meet the current construction and sealing requirements in OAC Chapter 3701-28 (Private Water Systems Rules) effective April 1, 2011. Refer to the Private Water Systems Rules and contact your Local Health District prior to constructing, altering, and sealing a well.


Page updated: 05/31/2018