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Residential Care Facilities / Assisted Living


The Ohio Department of Health licenses approximately 625 Residential Care Facilities.


Residential care facility (RCF) means a home that provides either of the following:

(1) Accommodations for seventeen or more unrelated individuals and supervision and personal care services for three or more of those individuals who are dependent on the services of others by reason of age or physical or mental impairment;

(2) Accommodations for three or more unrelated individuals, supervision and personal care services for at least three of those individuals who are dependent on the services of others by reason of age or physical or mental impairment, and provide to at least one of those individuals, any of the skilled nursing care authorized by law.

A residential care facility may admit or retain an individual requiring medication if:

(1) The individual's personal physician has determined that the individual is capable of self-administration; or

(2) The facility provides for the medication to be administered by a certified home health agency, a licensed hospice care program, or a qualified member of the staff.

A residential care facility may admit individuals who require skilled nursing care beyond the supervision of special diets, application of dressings, or administration of medication, only if the care will be provided on a part-time, intermittent basis for not more than a total of one hundred twenty days in any twelve-month period.


The Division of Quality Assurance, Bureau of Information and Operational Support is responsible for processing initial, renewal, and change of operator license applications. See link for applications/forms for a copy of the application and instructions.


The Division of Quality Assurance, Bureau of Long Term Care Quality is responsible for investigating RCFs to ensure the facilities are complying with the Ohio Revised Code and Ohio Administrative Code laws and rules. Each of the RCFs receives at least one unannounced survey (inspection) during a 9 to 15 month survey cycle. During these inspections, all aspects of care and services are evaluated based on state laws and rules.


The Bureau of Regulatory Compliance enforces state licensing laws and rules as they relate to residential care facilities. The purpose is to ensure prompt corrective action when facilities are not in compliance with regulatory requirements through continual monitoring of the facility, plans of correction, and, when necessary, revoking a facility’s license.


Investigation of a complaint in a residential care facility is completed by surveyors after receiving the written documentation from the Ohio Department of Health complaint unit located in Columbus, Ohio. The toll free number for registering complaints is 1-800-342-0553. The complainant may choose to be anonymous.

Health Care Provider and Services: To obtain real-time information, generate, print and download reports regarding health care providers that are licensed and/or Medicare/Medicaid certified by the Ohio Department of Health.


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