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Not (PIC)turing Pregnancy - Nutrition and Fitness

Nutrition and fitness are tools to help prevent many health complications. By ensuring you are at a healthy weight, getting enough nutrients and physical activity your body will be able to function better. Not only that, it can decrease your chances of becoming overweight and risk of chronic diseases. A third of the United States adult population is considered obese, keep in mind this doesn’t include those who are just overweight. Reducing the amount of people who are overweight or obese in America will help change the health of our entire population.

Nutrition is important to consider if you were to get pregnant. Being overweight may cause issues with infertility, birth defects or other birth complications. However; being underweight or nutrient deficient will also cause may birth complications. Remember you can be overweight and still be nutrient deficient. It is best to address these concerns before you decide to get pregnant.


Page Updated: 8/23/2017