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Not (PIC)turing Pregnancy - Tobacco, Drug and Alcohol Use

Substance use has a profound impact on women’s health. Substance use includes alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. The consequences of substance abuse are all preventable if you stop now. Tobacco is the first and alcohol is the third preventable cause for premature death for women in the United States. Ohio specifically has been dealing with an opiate use crisis. There are programs and initiatives being implemented to help decrease opiate use and opiate related overdoses.

If you were to get pregnant, remember there is no amount of alcohol that is safe during a pregnancy. Alcohol can cause Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and could severely disable your child. Tobacco and other drug use during pregnancy are associated with numerous pregnancy complications. If you are using opiates during pregnancy your child may be born with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome. Half of pregnancies are unplanned; most exposures to substances in a pregnancy may occur before a mother knows she is pregnant.

This contains pages on the left for alcohol, tobacco, drugs and opiates. They all contain specifics on how each substance may affect your health or pregnancy. There are recommendations and resources provided if you are ready to quit and strive towards (PIC)ture Perfect Health.

Page Updated: 8/18/2017