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Undecided about Pregnancy - Sexually Transmitted Infections and Diseases

Sexually transmitted infections may result in poor reproductive and overall women health. Addressing these issues in a timely manner will help prevent further damage to your reproductive tract.


Make sure that not only you but you partner is tested and healthy.


Vaccinating yourself will provide you with early protection as well. Certain vaccines should be taken at different periods in your lifecycle. Click here to find out when you should get vaccinated.


Not all treatments for infectious diseases are safe during certain life periods. Know your infectious disease status in order to know which treatments should take place and ensure proper conception use during treatment to prevent unexpected pregnancy.


Your healthcare provider can assess your risks and make suggestions by looking at your medical and sexual history. This will include questions about past sexual activities/partners, immunization history and any current medications or treatments.


Understand that the majority of STIs are asymptomatic. You could be unaware that you have the infection; be sure to get screened and tested if there is any possibility based on sexual behavior.


Are you immunized for the following?

  • Influenza

  • Hepatitis B

  • Rubella (this is a vaccine that is only safe if taken 3months before pregnancy)

  • Varicella (this is a vaccine that is only safe if taken 1month before pregnancy)

  • Tdap

Do you know your risk for infectious diseases?

Have you been screened for infectious diseases?

Do you know how to minimize the risk of getting a STI?

Do you need to be tested for specific STIs?


Page Updated: 8/9/2017