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2016-17 Statewide Oral Health/BMI Screening Survey of Preschool-Aged Children

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) has recently finished collecting data for a statewide oral health and Body Mass Index (BMI) screening survey of preschool-aged children. Screenings were conducted at Early Childhood Learning Centers licensed through the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services and public preschool programs licensed by the Ohio Department of Education.  About 3,000 children at 82 sites were screened. The sites were chosen to yield data that will tell us about all preschool-aged children in Ohio.  The survey was done to help ODH monitor the health of young children in the state and plan public health programs to improve their health.

With consent from parents, each child had their height and weight checked to measure growth and were screened on four measures of oral health:

  • the presence of cavities (tooth decay).
  • treated tooth decay (fillings and crowns).
  • teeth extracted (pulled) due to cavities.
  • the need for dental care.

Also, parents were asked questions on the consent form about problems getting dental care for their child.  A question on the number of sweetened beverages their child drinks per day was also on the consent form.

Results are expected to be released this fall.  Please see this fact sheet for more information.

Page Updated: 5/18/17