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Ohio Administrative Code

Chapter 3701-8
Help Me Grow Program

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File Size Rule No. Title
50.0 KB  3701-8-01  Definitions 
16.0 KB  3701-8-02  Standards and procedures for determining eligibility of help me grow contractors 
13.0 KB  3701-8-02.1  Monitoring contractors 
22.0 KB  3701-8-03  Personnel and supervision requirements
26.0 KB 3701-8-04  Central coordination
16.0 KB  3701-8-06  Help me grow home visiting eligibility
24.0 KB  3701-8-06.1  Home visiting contractor requirements
100.0 KB  3701-8-06.1-Appendix Appendix 06.1-A: Schedule and List of Required Tools in Home Visiting
18.0 KB 3701-8-06.2  Reimbursement for services in help me grow home visiting 
33.0 KB  3701-8-07  Help me grow early intervention system eligibility and determination of need for early intervention services 
82.0 KB  3701-8-07-Appendix A Appendix 07-A: List of diagnosed physical or mental conditions which have a high probability of resulting in developmental delay 
88.0 KB  3701-8-07 - Appendix B  Appendix 07-B: Schedule and List of Required Tools in Early Intervention 
30.0 KB  3701-8-07.1  Early intervention individualized family service plan and service delivery 
31.0 KB  3701-8-08  Statewide system of payments for early intervention services 
23.0 KB  3701-8-08.1 Early intervention payor of last resort eligibility and procedures 
17.0 KB  3701-8-09 Data and maintenance of records
21.0 KB  3701-8-10  Parent's rights in help me grow 
14.0 KB  3701-8-10.1  Procedural safeguards to ensure parent's rights in help me grow
16.0 KB  3701-8-10.2  Procedural safeguards to ensure parent's rights in HMG early intervention 

Last Updated: 2/11/2015