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Ohio Administrative Code

Chapter 3701-12
Certificate of Need Program

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File Size Rule No. Title
25.0  KB 3701-12-01 Definitions
9.0  KB 3701-12-04 Reviewability determinations appeals
11.0 KB 3701-12-05 Scope of review; reviewable activities
22.0 KB 3701-12-08 Certificate of need application and completeness process; public notice; certificate of need review and decision process; appeals
28.0  KB 3701-12-09 Certificate of need application and completeness process for applications filed under section 3702.593 of the Revised Code; comparative review; review and decision process; public notice; appeals
11.0 KB 3701-12-10 Replacement certificate of need
8.0 KB  3701-12-11  Opportunity to submit written comments during the course of a certificate of need review 
9.0 KB 3701-12-12 Certificate of need revised application
25.0 KB 3701-12-18 Validity requirements, follow-up and withdrawal of certificates of need
16.0 KB 3701-12-19

Monitoring of activities determined to not be reviewable activities

16.0 KB 3701-12-20 General certificate of need review criteria
43.0 KB 3701-12-23 Long-term care facilities and beds and bed review criteria; state and county bed need 
13.0 KB 3701-12-23.2 Replacement of long-term care facilities and relocation of long-term care beds
11.0 KB 3701-12-24 Monitoring of hospital beds recategorized as skilled nursing beds

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