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Ohio Administrative Code

Chapter 3701-29
Sewage Treatment Systems

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File Size Rule No. Title
---------->  ------------>   The following rules have been final filed and will be effective 1/1/2015. To see current rules that will be in effect through 12/31/2014, please check in LAWriter at
48.0 KB  3701-29-01  Definitions 
21.0 KB  3701-29-02  Scope, responsibility for compliance, and applicability of rules 
28.0 KB  3701-29-03 Registration of installers, service providers, and septage haulers
19.0 KB  3701-29-04 Survey to determine compliance 
19.0 KB  3701-29-05 Fees and fee categories 
27.0 KB 3701-29-06 General provisions and prohibitions 
23.0 KB  3701-29-07  Soil evaluation and soil evaluators 
20.0 KB  3701-29-08 Subdivisions and new lots
29.0 KB 3701-29-09 Site review and permits for STS installation and operation
20.0 KB  3701-29-10 STS designers and designs 
20.0 KB  3701-29-11 Flow estimation and waste strength 
72.0 KB  3701-29-12 Tanks, pumps and controls, and building sewers 
31.0 KB  3701-29-13  Product standards, review, and operation and maintenance 
1,433.0 KB Appendix A Appendix A to 3701-29-13: Low Pressure Dosed Sand Filters
533.0 KB  Appendix B Appendix B to 3701-29-13: Timed Dosed Sand Filters 
16.0 KB 3701-29-14  Effluent quality standards 
464.0 KB 3701-29-15  General soil absorption standards 
44.0 KB  Appendix A Appendix A to 3701-29-15: Technical standards for use of Leaching Trenches for Soil Absorption 
44.0 KB Appendix B Appendix B to 3701-29-15: Sand Mound 
96.0 KB Appendix C Appendix C to 3701-29-15: Drip Distribution Systems 
24.0 KB  3701-29-15.1 Low pressure distribution 
23.0 KB 3701-29-16  Site drainage 
46.0 KB Appendix Appendix to 3701-29-16: Drainage to Manage the Level of Seasonal Water in Soils 
26.0 KB  3701-29-17  Gray water recycling systems and alternative toilets 
17.0 KB 3701-29-18  Privies, holding tanks, and portable toilets
24.0 KB  3701-29-19  STS operation and maintenance management and system owner education 
24.0 KB 3701-29-20  Septage and sewage management
17.0 KB 3701-29-21  STS abandonment 
14.0 KB 3701-29-22  Variances and more stringent standards
18.0 KB  3701-29-23 Verification of compliance and enforcement

Last Updated: 12/9/2014