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Implementation and evaluation of diabetes prevention and control programs depends on reliable data.  The Ohio Diabetes Prevention and Control Program (ODPCP) assesses the burden of Diabetes in Ohio through the examination of multiple data sets.  The program monitors and utilizes data to better apply resources and improve health outcomes. 


Diabetes Action Plan, 2018

Ohio's Aging Eye Public Private Partnership - 2011 Report to the Governor and the Ohio General Assembly

The Burden of Diabetes in Ohio - 2008

Gestational Diabetes in Ohio: 2006 - 2008

The Burden of Diabetes in Ohio - Ohio Hospital Discharge Data: 2003-2007


Fact Sheets

2013 Obesity and Diabetes in Ohio Fact Sheet

2011 National Diabetes Fact Sheet

2012 Ohio Diabetes Fact Sheet



Fall 2012

Supplement: Gestational Diabetes

Fall 2011

Supplement: Gestational Diabetes


Last Reviewed 8/20/2018