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Because a stroke rapidly damages brain tissue, every minute counts. During a typical stroke, the brain loses 2 million brain cells (neurons) for each minute without proper oxygen supply. Shorter drive time to a hospital leads to earlier treatment and better patient outcomes.

Population Coverage within a 30 Minute Drive Time of an Ohio Coverdell Hospital, 2016

Hospitals participating in the Ohio Coverdell Stroke Program are located across the state and provide high quality stroke care. As of December 2016, 78.9 percent of Ohioans live within a 30 minute drive time to a participating Ohio Coverdell hospital.

Population Coverage within a 30 Minute Drive Time of a Stroke Capable Hospital, 2016

Ohio’s robust network of stroke certified and telestroke hospitals (as mapped in December 2016) shows that 96.6 percent of Ohio’s population is within a 30 minute drive time of a hospital that can appropriately treat patients experiencing a stroke or stroke symptoms.

Population Coverage within a 30 Minute Drive Time of a Telestroke Hospital, 2016

Many Ohio hospitals now participate in stroke treatment through telemedicine, through a “hub and spoke” model of care. “Hub” hospitals are those with advanced expertise and the capacity to treat patients with complex strokes. Hub hospitals provide stroke treatment through specialized telemedicine equipment to stroke patients in “spoke” hospitals. Spoke hospitals are more likely to be community hospitals with fewer stroke neurologists on staff and less capacity to treat complex strokes. The hub and spoke hospitals collaborate to treat stroke patients by telemedicine. This allows many more stroke patients statewide to remain in their local hospital, and receive very high quality treatment from local specialists in collaboration with experts from larger hub hospitals. As of December 2016, there were 13 hub hospitals and 119 spoke hospitals serving Ohio residents. All 13 hub hospitals in Ohio and many of their associated spoke hospitals participate in the Ohio Coverdell Stroke Program.


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