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Locate a Certified Stroke Center

Hospitals with certified stroke centers meet national stroke certification standards and provide consistently high quality stroke treatment. The national organizations below certify stroke centers in the Ohio hospitals that each organization accredits. To find a hospital in your community that has a certified stroke center, contact your local hospital to ask if they have a certified stroke center, check the websites below, or view the interactive map below.

The following organizations certify stroke centers:

The Joint Commission

Primary Stroke Centers 

Comprehensive Stroke Centers

Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program

Primary Stroke Centers 

Comprehensive Stroke Centers

DNV Healthcare

Primary Stroke Center Certified Hospitals 


American Heart Association Interactive Map of Certified Stroke Centers  

This interactive map allows you to search for certified stroke hospitals near you. Be sure to narrow your search to only Stroke. Then, choose to search by state, zip code, or hospital name.


Do not use these resources during an emergency situation. If you or someone you know is experiencing stroke symptoms, call 9-1-1 immediately!


Last Reviewed 08/08/2016