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Ohio Active Transportation Plan

The Ohio Active Transportation Plan outlines statewide priorities related to increasing access to safe, active transportation in Ohio which includes walking, biking, and taking the bus. The goals of the plan are to reduce injury and fatality and to increase the number of Ohioans choosing to walk, bike, and take the bus.

 Ohio Active Transportation Plan


Active Commute

Active Commuting, such as walking, biking or taking public transit, can make a positive impact on employee health, happiness, and productivity. This toolkit is designed to help you encourage active commuting in your own worksite, or to provide technical assistance to another worksite. The following tools can be used to accompany a comprehensive worksite active commute initiative.

 Ohio Active Commute Toolkit

Appendix Items:

Bicycle Commuting Lunch and Learn

Email for Power Point presentation

Employee Biking Signage


Complete Streets

Complete streets policies ensure that communities support all residents in getting around safely, no matter their age, income, or ability.

 Complete Streets Fact Sheet


List of Ohio's Complete Streets Trainers


Smart School Siting

Location and facility design of schools play a large role in overall community connectivity and active transportation. Click on the Smart School Siting Fact Sheet and Resource Guide below to learn more about important considerations, coordination with partners, and other opportunities in the school siting and design process.

 Smart School Siting ToolkitSmart School Siting Resource Guide



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