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Rape Prevention Education Evaluation Project

Dr. Sandra Ortega is working with ODH Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Prevention Program (SADVPP) to evaluate the ODH Violence Against Women Act funded rape prevention education programs.  Dr. Ortega has been working with the Ohio Domestic Violence Network, where she has been an evaluation consultant for their DELTA intimate partner violence prevention programs.  She has benefited from extensive training from CDC and brings both her professional expertise in evaluation and her knowledge of CDC priorities and expectations to her work with SADVPP.

Dr. Ortega has presented a series of webinars to assist local rape prevention programs in overall program development and evaluation.  These webinars, including the accompanying handouts, have been archived below.  If you are interested in viewing the webinar, click the hyperlink below.

Webinar Topics

Assessing your Project's Primary Prevention Capacity (PPCA) - Webinar starts at the 6 minute mark

Item Bank for Outcome Measurement Guidance - Webinar starts at the 4 minute mark

Conducting a Community Needs Assessment - Webinar starts at the 5 minute mark

Developing a Logic Model - Webinar starts at the 7 minute mark

Building a Data Entry System that Links with Your Logic Model - Webinar starts at the 20 second mark

RPE Success Stories - Webinar starts at the 1 minute mark


Last Reviewed 02/04/2016