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Injury Prevention Weekly Policy Update

The Ohio Injury Prevention Partnership (OIPP) Weekly Policy Update is a resource for injury prevention professionals and advocates that includes the status of injury prevention legislation and news from Ohio and around the nation.  The weekly is compiled by the OIPP's Injury Prevention Policy and Advocacy Action Group and is distributed to members every Friday. 

The Injury Prevention Policy Update is available to members of the OIPP and the OIPP's Injury Prevention Advocates Program.  Signing up for either group is easy and free!

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Disclaimer: Please be advised that the Injury Prevention Policy Update is for information purposes only and does not represent an endorsement by ODH or any state agency on the policies/legislation featured.  The Ohio Violence and Injury Prevention Program is not permitted to lobby Federal, State or Local entities on specific legislation.   Allowable activities related to contact with public policymakers vary by state; therefore it is important to consult internal agency rules, state laws, and (where applicable) federal laws to ensure full compliance.  

Last Reviewed 4/9/12