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Injury Prevention Policy and Advocacy Action Group 


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Mission and Vision

Mission: To advance evidence-based policies to prevent injuries in Ohio.

Vision: Working together to create a safe and injury free Ohio.


Goal 1: Support public health policies designed to advance injury prevention in Ohio

  • Develop consensus statements/position papers for evidence-based, data-driven injury prevention policies.
  • Assess current public policy priorities of Ohio Injury Prevention Partnership (OIPP) membership and advocate accordingly.  
  • Inventory and track existing national, state and local laws/policies and organizational regulations related to injury prevention.
  • Research, identify, promote and/or develop model injury prevention policies for organizations (e.g., schools, work places), local communities (ordinances) and state laws.
  • Review and evaluate policies that impact injury and violence prevention.

Goal 2: Develop champions to advocate for effective injury prevention policies

  • Identify key individuals working in the field who can champion issues with policy makers/media.
  • Establish an annual recognition for an individual who has made a notable contribution to injury prevention.
  • Develop injury prevention advocacy list serve/network of people who can be called-upon to contact policymakers or testify in support of IP policies at the local or state level.

Goal 3: Develop promotion and communication strategies to support injury prevention policies

  • Provide tools to empower Ohio Injury Prevention Partnership members to communicate OIPP public policy priorities to public officials. 
  • Provide briefing materials for local groups for use with the media and legislators.
  • Develop “how-to” materials to support policy change.
  • Publish success stories related to policy change.
  • Identify opportunities to educate public officials about issues that impact the health and safety of all Ohioans.

To become a member of the OIPP or the IPPAAG please complete the online membership application.  You will begin to receive meeting notifications and updates about the group's activities.

For more information about the group, please contact the Ohio Department of Health Injury Prevention Program at 614-466-2144.

Last Reviewed 09/11/2015