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Ohio's Maternal and Child Health Fact Sheets

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH), Division of Family and Community Health Services (DFCHS) is charged with administering the Title V Maternal and Child Health Block Grant (MCHBG) Program in Ohio. To properly administer the MCHBG program, ODH works collaboratively with other organizations to conduct a state-wide, comprehensive Needs Assessment (NA) every five years.

Findings from the Needs Assessment focus on:

  • Identifying State priorities to address the needs of the MCH population, and
  • Guiding the allocation of MCH Block Grant funding.
The updated fact sheets found in the four population groups below are used to assist groups of policy-makers, consumers, providers, stakeholders and other interested parties across the state in identifying the highest priority health-related needs in Ohio's MCH populations.  

Women's Health - Birth Outcomes - Newborn Health

Birth Spacing 
Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM)
Infant Mortality Rate
Low Birth Weight and Preterm Birth
Perinatal Cigarette Smoking
Postpartum Visit
Prenatal Alcohol Use
Pre-pregnancy Overweight & Obesity
Teen Birth Rate
Unintended Pregnancy


Early Childhood
Medical Home
Overweight and Obesity
Sleep Related Infant Deaths
Smoke Exposure

Children and Youth With Special Health Care Needs
Health Care Coverage 
Access to Community-Based Services
Transition to Adulthood 
Medical Home  

School-age and Adolescent Health

Access to Care
Behavioral Health
Preventive Health Behaviors: oral/dental
Tobacco Use



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Last Updated: 11/18/2016