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Fetal Death Statistics

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) receives Certificates of Fetal Death from local Vital Statistics offices; they are created by hospitals, funeral homes, and ambulatory surgical facilities. ODH also receives copies of fetal death certificates from other state health departments when Ohio residents deliver outside of Ohio.  For public health purposes, we distinguish between voluntary terminations (abortions) and stillbirths (surveillance fetal deaths). The abortions are reported as induced terminations in the abortion report series. All other fetal deaths (stillbirths) of 20 or greater weeks gestation are reported as fetal deaths. The fetal deaths statistics are an important component of perinatal periods of risk analyses.

Fetal Deaths by County and by Year

 - Contains: number of fetal deaths by county of residence and by year (1986 to present)




Last Updated: 5/16/2018