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Infectious Disease Control Manual

MicroscopeThe Infectious Disease Control Manual (IDCM) is a project of the Ohio Department of Health State Bureau of Infectious Diseases with the assistance of the Bureau of Health Services and the Bureau of Public Health Laboratories.  It is designed to be a reference for local health departments, hospitals, laboratories and physicians in providing information about infectious diseases from a public health perspective, including prevention, control and reporting of suspected and diagnosed cases.  This manual is updated at least annually to reflect changes in public health practices and disease prevention and control activities.

Section 1    General information, telephone numbers, abbreviations, definitions, lists of reportable diseases alphabetically and by class, surveillance and epidemiologic investigations and interagency collaboration.
Section 2    Rules that pertain to infectious disease control.
Section 3    Reportable and non-reportable infectious diseases are described in this section.  Includes reporting requirements, description of the disease agents, case definition, signs and symptoms, diagnostic criteria, epidemiology of the disease and public health management.  Forms needed for reporting and to assist in case investigation.
Section 4    Describes the services available at the Ohio Department of Health Laboratories and discusses proper specimen submission.
Section 5    Limitations on movement and infection control practices to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.
Section 6    For informational purposes only.

Please direct any comments, questions or suggestions regarding the Infectious Disease Control Manual to the Ohio Department of Health at (614) 995-5599.

Washing HandsThe information included in this manual was reviewed by many people and every effort was made to avoid errors, however it is possible that errors might have been missed. Please confirm dosages and routes of administration of drugs and other biologicals with package inserts and current recommendations.

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