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ODH IRB Application Forms

IRB forms have been updated February 2018.  No old versions will be accepted.  Please submit all forms electronically to

Some forms require Microsoft Word 2007 or greater to view and edit.  If you require a different format please E-mail:

All new applications must contain the following:

  1. IRB Application Form - use with all applications

  2. The applicable Confidentiality Form for all researchers handling identifiable data

    1. ODH Confidentiality Form – For data from ODH Programs (except OCISS) or other State Agencies

    2. OCISS Confidentiality Form – For data from the Ohio Cancer Information Surveillance System (OCISS)

    3. Generic Confidentiality Form – For data collected from other sources

  3. IRB Curriculum Vitae Form - must be completed for all research staff who will be handling data (a biographical sketch or CV of six pages or less may be substituted for this document)

  4. Consent Form Checklist – for all research working directly with subjects

  5. Research Protocol (Study Proposal)

The research protocol should spell out your methodology in more detail than your IRB application form.  We do not have a set form for this document, but it should include the following information:

  • Hypothesis

  • Specific Aims

  • Scientific Justification

  • Methodology

  • Populations

  • Data Collection

  • Data Security

  • Time Frame


Page Updated: 2/20/2018