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PRAMS Questionnaire

The PRAMS questionnaire consists of a core component used by all PRAMS states and a state-specific component developed to address Ohio’s particular data needs. The questionnaire is revised periodically, and some items are changed with each new phase.  Questions cover topics such as: 

  • Nutrition and folic acid awareness.

  • Barriers to and content of prenatal care. 

  • Pregnancy-related violence.
  • Psychosocial support and stress.
  • Use of alcohol and tobacco before and during pregnancy.
  • Infant's early development, health care, sleep position, and exposure to passive smoke.
  • Work leave and child care.
  • Health insurance coverage.

PRAMS Questionnaire Phase 4 (2000-2004)

PRAMS Questionnaire Phase 5 (2004-2008)

PRAMS Questionnaire Phase 6 (2009-2011) 

PRAMS Questionnaire Phase 7 (2012-2015)

Page Updated: 10/26/2017