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Induced abortions must be reported to the Ohio Department of Health by the physician who performed the abortion, using the form .Confidential Abortion Reports.. The confidential reports include demographic and medical history information about the woman obtaining the abortion and information about the medical procedure. These reports are used to produce statistical reports about abortions occurring in Ohio. The forms are confidential: no identifying information about women who obtain abortions is collected except the medical record number. Abortion statistics are summarized in the annual Induced Abortions in Ohio report series. Many of the tables in that report are included in the links below. These tables contain statistical information about induced pregnancy terminations for Ohio and counties. Terminations are tabulated by age, race, marital status and education of women obtaining procedures and by gestation in weeks of fetus.

Annual Induced Abortions in Ohio report tables:

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Last Updated: 1/19/2017