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Vital Statistics Data

The legal records collected in the Ohio Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics, are the data source for many important statistical measures used in public health. These indicators track Ohio's health and are used locally for planning and community analysis. Use the links below to access some of the statistical information created from birth certificates, death certificates, fetal death certificates, marriage and divorce abstracts, and confidential abortion reports.

If you need a certified copy of a birth or death certificateclick here.


User-Defined Query Systems

Data Warehouse - Contains statistical information based on birth and death certificates, fetal death certificates, cancer surveillance system, and sexually transmitted disease surveillance systems. Table selections are defined by the user.


Statistical Tables (fixed reports)

Births - Birth statistical information for Ohio and counties. Births are tabulated by age of mother, birth weights, prenatal care timing, and other maternal and child characteristics. Fertility rates and crude birth rates are provided as well.

Deaths  - Mortality information for Ohio and counties. Deaths are tabulated by age, race and gender of decedent and by causes of death. Age-adjusted mortality rates for the leading causes of death can be accessed here.

Marriages and Divorces  - Statistical information about marriages and divorces for Ohio and counties. Marriages are tabulated by age of bride/groom and month. Divorces are tabulated by age, previous marriages, number of children involved, and duration of marriage.

Pregnancy - Statistical information about pregnancy for Ohio and counties. Pregnancies are comprised of births, induced terminations, and fetal losses, and are tabulated by age. Pregnancy rates are provided as well.

Abortions - Contains statistical information about induced pregnancy terminations for Ohio and counties. Terminations are tabulated by age, race, marital status, and education of women obtaining procedures and by gestation in weeks of fetus.

Fetal Deaths  - Statistical information about fetal deaths after 20 weeks gestation for Ohio and counties.



Last Updated: 5/25/2017