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About ODH

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) is a cabinet-level agency, meaning the director reports to the governor and serves as a member of the Executive Branch of Ohio’s government. The ODH executive team helps the director of health formulate the agency’s strategic policy goals and objectives. The team is composed of the Chief of Staff, the Medical Director, the Chief Policy Advisor, and the General Counsel. These leaders, along with agency senior-level managers and supervisors, work in tandem to ensure the state health department is responsive to the needs of Ohio’s 11.5 million residents.

ODH is organized into three main divisions and several offices.


  • The Division of Family and Community Health Services provides administrative direction, leadership, and coordination of the activities for child and family health services, children with medical handicaps, early intervention services, nutrition services, and community health services. The mission of the division is to assure access to health services for Ohioans. The division’s goals are to ensure access to high quality interdisciplinary, culturally appropriate/competent health services.
  • Quality Assurance protects the health and safety of Ohio citizens through activities that ensure the quality of both public health and health care delivery systems. The division’s primary mission is to ensure the proper licensure and regulation of long-term and non long-term care facilities as well as employ professionals in the environmental fields such as lead abatement and radon mitigation.
  • The Division of Prevention and Health Promotion evaluates health status, prevents and controls injuries and diseases (chronic and infectious) and promotes good health. The division contributes to the ODH mission by carrying out core public health functions and essential public health services.  The division supports a systems approach to prevention and preparedness that is based on science and innovative technology including the Bureau of Environmental Health. Collaborations and partnerships at the federal, state and local levels provide enhanced capacity to meet strategic priorities.

    • Healthy Ohio is a key component of health care transformation and is located at ODH. Healthy Ohio's goal is to improve the health of all Ohioans in order to create a better quality of life, assure a more productive workforce and equip students for learning, while also contributing to the more efficient and cost-effective use of medical services.
    • Public Health Preparedness operates with a primary mission of coordinating the emergency preparedness and response activities of ODH.  Included in these responsibilities are preparedness for man-made and natural disasters, technological emergencies, public health emergencies, and chemical, biological and radiological terrorism.


  • The Office of Management Information Systems administers the computer-based management systems across the ODH enterprise. The office is responsible for maintaining ODH computer networks and servers and for the development and implementation of strategies that support the current and future technology needs of the agency. It also oversees the Bureau of Vital Statistics.
  • Employee Services oversees the management of ODH’s human resource needs through the daily operations of:
    • Human Resources creates and maintains a competent, well-qualified workforce, in support of ODH’s strategic priorities.
    • Labor Relations provides labor-relations services and technical assistance to the employees and managers at ODH in accordance with Ohio Laws and Collective Bargaining Agreements.
    • Workforce Development facilitates learning opportunities for all employees that will help them, both personally and professionally, to perform at their optimal level and develop to their highest potential.
    • Equal Employment Opportunity Program insures ODH remains compliant with equal employment opportunity laws through key initiatives such as employee education, training, investigations and outreach
  • Financial Affairs assists in the establishment of ODH’s long and short-range fiscal goals and objectives. The office provides the agency with the overall fiscal administration support through its various unit operations including accounting, purchasing, budgeting and grants administration. The office oversees the department’s Compliance and Accountability Unit and biennial budget process; provides technical assistance to agency decision-makers and provides daily monitoring and analysis of agency spending trends.
  • Performance Improvement helps define agency goals and objectives relative to strategic planning and performance improvement. The office coordinates the development of performance measures for local health departments and for programs within ODH through working with division chiefs and program staff. 
  • Government Affairs directs and coordinates legislative affairs for ODH and develops policies and procedures to promote the department’s legislative agenda. The office is the primary liaison for the agency in working with the Ohio legislature and with all federal, state and local elected officials.
  • Public Affairs is responsible for the development of all ODH internal and external communication strategies. Its primary functions include media relations, public relations and marketing. The office leverages mass and social media channels to ensure the general public has immediate access to critical public health information.
  • The Office of Local Health Department Support works closely with local health departments (LHDs) to carry out the mission of public health in Ohio. The office serves as the agency liaison to LHDs, administers public health Improvement Standards, drafts recommendations regarding approval of LHD contracts, serves on statewide committees, workgroups and task forces and provides technical assistance to LHDs. 
  • The Office of General Counsel assists the Director of Health in defining agency goals and objectives by overseeing and coordinating all ODH legal activities. Its primary responsibilities include negotiating, developing and advocating the legal and legislative positions of the department.

Customer Service Standards

The Ohio Department of Health fully embraces the concept of quality customer service, and believes that all employees, regardless of amount of contact with the public, should adhere to the highest standards of professional behavior when interacting with others. 

Last updated 4/18/2017