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OPCPCC Learning Centers   

OPCPCC LogoThe Ohio Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative (OPCPCC) is composed of five learning centers. An initial, and key, role of the learning centers involves a resource filtering or sharing of resources including both a simple sharing of resources that currently exist, as well as creating resources, learning opportunities, and facilitation of conversations. The learning centers are as follows:

Communications and Education Learning Center: Focused on the "why" and "how to" of PCMH, including issues such as a behavioral and physical health integration, care coordination, same-day scheduling, etc.  Additionally, there will be focus on sharing information between regional efforts, between early adopters and newcomers, between learning centers, etc., as well as educating Ohioans about the importance of PCMH. This learning center will address educational needs of patients and the workforce.  The Communications and Education Learning Center is chaired by Kate Mahler.

A subcommitee created a PCMH consumer/patient website, which was launched in July of 2014.  A consumer focus group meeting was held on Sept. 9, 2014 to obtain input to refine the website content.  The learning center has developed this flyer to promote the consumer website:  Consumer website flyer

Patient Engagement Learning Center: Focused on making sure the patient's perspective, needs, etc., shape the development of PCMH. The patient advisory learning center is chaired by Angela C. Dawson.

The Patient Engagement Learning Center has compiled a PCMH Patient Engagement Toolbox.  Resources included fall in the following categories:

  • What is a PCMH? (Tools for patients)
  • Patner with Patients (Tools for providers and patients)
  • Self-care goals (Tools for patients)
  • Improve patient safety (Tools for patients and providers)
  • Tools for the practice (Tools for providers/staff)

The complete toolbox may be accessed on the Ohio Academy of Family Physicians website.  The toolbox is undergoing a redesign.  The new toolbox will be launched on Nov. 18, 2016.

The Patient Engagement Learning Center of the Ohio Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative (OPCPCC) hosts a quarterly webinar series to educate Ohio primary care practices, healthcare consumers, and stakeholders about best practices in patient engagement in the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model of care.  “Enhancing the Patient Experience through the PCMH Model” was the first webinar in the series with Pat Ecklar, MD and Ted Wymyslo, MD serving as presenters.  View the archived webinar:  2015-02-24 OPCPCC Patient Engagement Webinar 

"Self-management: A community resource to help your patients with chronic diseases achieve better health"  was presented in August 2015.   The Central Ohio Diabetes Association, Evi-Base, and the Ohio Department of Aging served as presenters.  View slides and recording

The next OPCPCC Patient Engagement webinar is scheduled for Tue., Nov. 22, 2016 at 12:15 PM.  The November topic is Strategies for Effective Language Access for the Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) community.  Registration information will be available soon.

HIT Learning Center: Focused on the development and implementation of technology. The HIT learning center is chaired by Dan Paoletti.

An HIE provider survey was conducted and a subcommittee completed an analysis and report of the results. The results were be presented and discused at the Nov. 8, 2013 OPCPCC conference during the HIT Learning Center breakout session.

Ohios PCMH HIE Survey Results 073013

Workforce Learning Center: The former PCMH Education Advisory Group of the PCMH Education Pilot Project has now joined OPCPCC to become the OPCPCC Workforce Learning Center. 

Learning Centers welcome participants.  If you are interested in partnering with others around the state through participation in a Learning Center, please contact OPCPCC for more information at or (614) 644-9756. 


Page Updated: 9/30/2016