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Questions to ask my doctor or nurse

As of July 1, 2015, there are 666 Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMH) in Ohio. Many more primary care offices and clinics are working to become a PCMH. Here are some questions that you can ask your doctor or nurse to help receive the best care possible:

  • Are you a Patient-Centered Medical Home?
    • If yes:  How will my care here be different from care in a medical office that is not a PCMH?
    • If no:  Do you plan to become a PCMH? 
  • Do you do any of these things?
    • Work as a team with the specialists that I see?
    • Make sure that I know all my treatment options and am the one that is in control of my health care?
    • Make it possible for me to communicate with you by e-mail?
    • Share my test results with me?
    • Help me create my health goals and understand what I need to do to meet them?
    • Provide screenings for things that may be wrong, such as depression, alcohol use, or drug use?
    • Send me reminders when I should schedule an appointment for yearly or other routine visits?


  • Can you provide resources for things I need to stay healthy, but can’t afford?  For example, free or low-cost ways to exercise or stop smoking?


  • Can I get an appointment within 24 hours for urgent health needs?


  • Can I reach someone in the office by phone at night or on weekends?


  • If I have a chronic condition (e.g., diabetes), is there a system for tracking how I am doing?


  • Does the office team include non-physician staff members, such as nutritionists or nurse practitioners, to help me manage my medicines and chronic conditions?


Click here to print a copy of these questions:  Questions to ask my doctor or nurse 7 2015


Choosing Wisely has a fact sheet titled "5 Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before You Get Any Test, Treatment, or Procedure."  Click here to view the fact sheet with questions.


Updated 7/20/2015