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Funding Opportunities

Below are current funding opportunities available through the Ohio Department of Health and links to external funding sources. ODH will continue to update these opportunities as they become aware of them.

Featured Funding Opportunity:

The Ohio Older Adult Falls Prevention Coalition (Coalition) of the Ohio Injury Prevention Partnership (OIPP) announces the availability of grants up to $1,500 each.  The purpose of the Coalition is to identify priorities and strategies to reduce fall-related injuries among Ohio’s older adult population.  These grants will be used to further the mission of the Coalition and implement evidence-based interventions designed to reduce the fall risk of older adults across Ohio. 

CDC- State and Local Public Health Actions to Prevent Obesity, Diabetes and Heart Disease

State and Local Public Health Actions a new 4-year, $70 million/year program that builds on efforts initiated in 2013, intensifies work in 18 to 22 state and large city health departments to prevent obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke and reduce health disparities among adults through a combination of community and health system interventions.  States will sub-award half of their funds to support implementation activities in 4-8 communities in their states. Community strategies will build support for lifestyle change, particularly for those at high risk, to support diabetes and heart disease and stroke prevention efforts. Health system interventions and community-clinical linkage strategies will aim to improve the quality of health care delivery and preventive services to populations with the highest hypertension and prediabetes disparities. These efforts will be supported by state/jurisdiction-level leadership and coordination and technical assistance to selected communities. Activities will complement but not duplicate those funded under the State Public Health Actions (DP13-1305) initiative.

Funding Resources:

Last Updated 05/28/2014