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In addition to the strong partnership with local health departments, the Ohio Department of Health values its relationship with those supporting organizations of public health locally, statewide and on a national level. 

  • Hosts a quarterly meeting with the public health partnership and academic partners
  • Member of the Research Association for Public Health Improvement (RAPHI). 
  • Planning member combined public health associations annual conference held each May
  • Participates Associations of Ohio Health Commissioners fall conference held each September.
  • Member of the Association of State and Territorial Local Health Liaison Officials

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  • Research findings suggest that public health agencies might benefit from partnerships with business, nonprofits, health care and other sectors to more effectively address health issues that affect everyone in a community.
  • US Healthiest exists to catalyze action and social engagement
  • Partnerships between Federally Qualified Health Centers and Local Health Departments for Engaging in the Development of a Community-Based System of Care

Last updated: 08/08/2014