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The 2012 Legislative Committee on Public Health Futures recommended that local health district board members hall participate in continuing education requirements related to public health practice, ethics, and governance. The 130th General Assembly codified this recommendation in 2013.

Sec. 3701.342 (G) Annual completion of two hours of continuing education by each member of a board of health. The minimum standards shall provide that continuing education credits shall pertain to ethics, public health principles, and a member's responsibilities. Credits may be earned in these topics at pertinent presentations that may occur during regularly scheduled board meetings throughout the calendar year or at other programs available for continuing education credit. The director of health may assist local boards of health of general and city health districts in coordinating approved continuing education programs sponsored by health care licensing boards, commissions or associations. The minimum standards also shall provide that continuing education credits earned for the purpose of license renewal or certification by licensed health professionals serving on boards of health may be counted to fulfill the two-hour continuing education requirement.

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