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In June 2012, the Association of Ohio Health Commissioners (AOHC) completed a report titled “Public Health Futures: Considerations for a New Framework for Local Public Health in Ohio.” The 2012 mid-year biennial budget review created the Legislative Committee on Public Health Futures to examine the current local public health capacity, jurisdiction, services, and financing of local public health services. The committee reviewed the AOHC report and agreed to eleven recommendations presented to Governor Kasich and the State Legislature on October 31, 2012. The recommendations reinforce the connection between the Ohio Department of Health and local health districts and challenge public health to provide continued leadership in the areas of data, program and administration.

Based on the recommendations of the committee, there are several changes to Ohio Revised Code included in the SFY 2014-2015 budget which will improve and align public health services in Ohio. ODH will be convening a series of workgroup meetings with stakeholders to develop consensus in how to best implement the Public Health Futures items included in the budget. This effort will be divided into two categories: 1) issues requiring immediate attention due to timeframes, and 2) long-term issues requiring consensus. The Public Health Futures website will host information for meeting announcements and other updates by category as outlined below.

Category 1: Issues Requiring Rule Development

  • Public Health Quality Indicators
  • Board Training (Continuing Education Units)

Category 2: Issues Requiring Consensus

  • Accreditation
  • Funding
  • Shared Services
  • Contiguous Health Districts


Last Updated: 6/15/2017