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Ohio Department of Health News Releases

Official news releases issued by the Ohio Department of Health's Office of Public Affairs and others. For questions pertaining to these documents, call (614) 644-8562.

Ohio’s 2014-15 Flu Season to Date by the Numbers
Media Advisory, 12/23/2014

Flu Widespread Across Ohio; Flu-Related Hospitalizations Increasing Rapidly
News release, 12/19/2014

Flu-Related Hospitalizations Up Significantly Over Last Year; ODH Urges Ohioans to Get Influenza Vaccine
News release, 12/08/2014 

Turning Up the Volume on Infant Mortality
Media advisory, 11/26/2014

ODH Daily Contact Report
News release, 11/05/2014

ODH Daily Contact Report
News release, 11/04/2014

ODH Daily Contact Report
News release, 11/03/2014

ODH Daily Contact Report
News release, 11/02/2014

ODH Daily Contact Report
News release, 11/01/2014

Ohio Issues New, Stronger Health Monitoring And Quarantine Protocols For Travelers Returning From West Africa
News release, 10/31/2014

ODH Daily Contact Report
News release, 10/31/2014

ODH Daily Contact Report
News release, 10/30/2014

ODH Daily Contact Report
News release, 10/29/2014

ODH Daily Contact Report
News release, 10/28/2014

ODH Daily Contact Report
News release, 10/27/2014

ODH Daily Contact Report
News release, 10/26/2014

ODH Daily Contact Report
News release, 10/25/2014

ODH Daily Contact Report
News release, 10/24/2014

Hospital Ebola Preparedness Drills Complete
News release, 10/23/2014

ODH Daily Contact Report
News release, 10/23/2014

ODH Daily Contact Report
News release, 10/22/2014

ODH Daily Contact Report
News release, 10/21/2014

Controlling Board Approval of PPE
News release, 10/20/2014

ODH Support for Summit County Transport Protocol
News release, 10/20/2014

Ohio Daily Ebola Contact Report
News release, 10/20/2014

ODH Issues Daily Ebola Contact Report
News release, 10/19/2014

Ohio Takes Its Ebola Quarantine Protocols Up Another Notch
News release, 10/18/2014

Ohio adding to stockpile of health care personal protective equipment
News release, 10/17/2014

Ohio Department of Health Recommends Hospitals Conduct Ebola Preparedness Drill
News release, 10/16/2014

Ohio Issues Enhanced Ebola Quarantine Protocols
News release, 10/16/2014

Ohio Department of Health Activates Ebola Call Center
News release, 10/15/2014

CDC Agrees to Send Staff to Ohio
News release, 10/15/2014 

Ohio Department of Health Working with Summit County Public Health Officials and Other Ohio Local Health Departments to Identify Patient Contacts
News release, 10/15/2014

ODH and State Healthcare Leaders Conduct Ebola Preparedness Tabletop Exercise and Planning Seminar
News release, 10/14/2014

ODH Reminder About How to Avoid Mosquito-Borne Illnesses
News release, 9/24/2014

Ohio Experiencing Increase in Respiratory Illnesses
News release, 9/12/2014

Comprehensive Primary Health Care Offered Now to More Ohioans
News release, 8/28/2014

Ohio’s First Human Cases of West Nile Virus Reported for 2014
News release, 8/20/2014

Raccoon-Rabies Vaccination Baiting Slated For AUG. 20 – SEPT. 19
News release, 8/18/2014

Start the School Year Off Right; Get Up-to-Date on Your Vaccines
News release, 8/13/2014

Kasich Names New Leadership Team at Health Department
News release, 8/1/2014

W.Va. Bureau for Public Health Finds Unsafe Injection Practices at Valley Pain Management Clinic in McMechen
News Release, 7/21/2014

Tips for a Healthy, Safe July Fourth Holiday Weekend
News Release, 7/2/2014 

ODH Issues Measles Outbreak Guidance to Ohio Hospitals
News Release, 6/20/2014 

Measles Outbreak Expands to Highland County in SW Ohio
News Release, 6/9/2014

Safe Travel, Healthy Summer Assured wih Extra Care
News Release 6/5/2014

Celebrate Graduation – with Measles-Mumps-Rubella Vaccine
News Release 5/28/2014

Ohio Launches Network of Care for Public Health Assessment & Wellness
News Release 5/21/2014 

Summer Protection Starts with Immunization
News Release 5/6/2014

Ohio Doctor Named CDC Childhood Immunization Champion
News Release 4/30/2014

Measles Outbreak Confirmed
News Release 4/25/2014

Additional Clinics Planned to Halt Spread of Measles
Media Advisory  4/24/2014

Public Health Officials Warn of Possible Measles Outbreak
News Release 4/24/2014

Prescription Painkiller Deaths Drop for First Time in Decade
News Release 4/18/2014

ABCs of Safe Sleep Campaign Aims to Save Infant Lives 
News Release 4/14/2014

Mumps Outbreak Highlights Need to Stay Current on Immunizations
News Release 4/2/2014

Fewer Ohio Kids Abusing Rx Painkillers, Many Texting & Driving
News Release 3/5/2014

Ohio Department of Health Announces Flu Activity in Ohio is Now Widespread
News Release 1/10/14

Ohioans Urged to Take Precaution against Extreme Cold
News Release 1/5/14

Ohio Department of Health Warns that Flu Activity in Ohio is Increasing
News Release 12/27/13

Pertussis Booster Shots Encouraged Following Increase in Cases across Ohio
News Release 11/8/13

Return to Colder Weather Increases Danger of Carbon Monoxide Exposure 
News Release 10/31/13

Ohioans Now Have More Access to Comprehensive Primary Health Care
News Release 10/25/13

Ohio Opens New Front in the Fight Against Opiate Abuse
News Release 10/7/13

Annual Raccoon-Rabies Vaccination Baiting Begins in Ohi
News Releasemap 8/23/13

ODH Reports 2013’s First Human Case of West Nile Virus
News Release 8/20/13

Ohio Starts Testing for New Disease in Ohio’s Infants
News Release 8/2/13

State Health Director to Hold Local Town Hall Meetings: Discussion to focus on improving health outcomes
Media Advisory 7/19/13

Ohioans Urged to Take Precaution in Extreme Heat
News Release 7/17/13

Consumers Warned to Discard Cheese Products Linked to Multi-State Listeria Outbreak
News Release  7/5/2013

Officials Remind Fair Goers to Practice Good Hygiene
News Release 6/19/13

Seasonal Rise in Near-Drowning Incidents Remind Ohioans of the Need for Water Safety 
News Release 6/13/13

Ohio Kicks the Fight Against Childhood Obesity into High Gear With New Initiative
News Release  6/4/13

2011 Rate of Increase for Prescription Opioid Deaths Slows
News Release 4/26/13

Consumer Alert for Cosmetic Products Containing Surma/Kohl/Kajal
News Release 2/28/13

Flu-Related Hospitalizations Continue to Climb in Ohio:Providers Report Adequate Supplies of Influenza Vaccinations 
News Release 1/11/13

Blacklegged Ticks Becoming More Prevalent in Ohio
News Release 10/19/12

State Department of Health Releases List of All Ohio Health Care Providers Who Purchased Medications from New England Compounding Center News Release 10/16/12

Ohio Identifies Additional Meningitis Cases Linked to Steroid Injection
News Release 10/11/12

State and Local Partners Mobilize Additional Resources to Reach All Patients Who Received Recalled Epidural Steroid Injection
News Release 10/8/12

Tainted Steroid Injections Suspected Behind Ohio Case of Fungal Meningitis
News Release 10/6/12

Ohio Contacting Patients Who Received Epidural Steroid Injection
News Release 10/5/12

State Health Department Receives National Recognition through ASTHO Award
News Release 9/18/12

Ohio Documents First H3N2v-Associated Death
News Release 8/31/12

ODH Reports 2012’s First Human Death in a West Nile Virus Case
News Release 8/29/12

News Releasemap 8/24/2012

News Release, map 8/20/12

H3N2v Update: 54 Cases Confirmed
News Release 8/14/12

H3N2v Update: County Fair Outreach Underway
News Release 8/10/12

H3N2v Update
News Release 8/8/12

Additional H3N2v Cases in Ohio Confirmed by CDC
News Release 8/6/12

State Officials Continue Flu Surveillance and Prevention
News Release 8/3/12

Health Officials Confirm Flu Virus Strain from Butler County Fair
News Release 8/2/12 

Health Officials Investigating Flu Illness from Butler County Fair
News Release 8/1/12

First Human Case of West Nile Virus Confirmed for 2012
News Release 7/27/12

ODH Releases BMI Screening Results
News release 7/25/12 

State Health Department Teams with WebMD to Enhance Public Health Alerting System
News release 6/21/12 

Two Human Illnesses in Ohio Linked to Salmonella in Recalled Dog Food
News release 5/4/12

Ohio to Expand Patient-Centered Primary Care Initiative
News release 1/18/2012

Survey: Ohio Teens Engage in Healthy Behaviors
News release 11/15/2011

Rabies in Wildlife Continues to Pose Risks to Pets, People
News release 10/21/2011

Ohio Department of Health Honors Breastfeeding Friendly Businesses
News release 9/2/2011

ODH Releases Smoke-Free Law Health, Economic Impact Reports
News releaseExecutive summary 9/1/2011

Fall Raccoon-Rabies Vaccination Baiting
News releasemap 8/31/2011

Smoke-Free Workplace Act Impact on Ohioans
News release 8/30/2011

First 2011 human cases of West Nile virus confirmed in Ohio
News release 8/30/201

ODH confirms West Nile virus in mosquitoes in Franklin County
News release 6/23/2011

State of Ohio investigating outbreak of infections caused by Salmonella
News release 6/9/2011

Ohio Department of Health Awarded $2.1 Million for Lead Hazard Control
News release 6/1/2011

Ohio Health Officials to accept $2.1 million grant
News release 5/27/2011

Spring raccoon-rabies vaccination baiting scheduled for May 2 - May 20
News release 4/25/2011

Ohio’s H1N1 Vaccination Efforts Prevented Deaths, Hospitalizations and Illness
News release 4/20/11

ODH Warns Food Service Establishments About Health Inspector Impostors
News release 4/15/11

County Health Rankings Provide Opportunity to Emphasize Ohio’s Prevention Efforts
News release 3/30/11

ODH Releases Third Grade BMI Report
News release 3/2/11

A New Web Site for Ohio Disaster Volunteers
News release 2/4/11

Office of Healthy Ohio Honors Businesses for Healthy Practices
News release 2/1/11

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