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Ohio Department of Health News Releases

Official news releases issued by the Ohio Department of Health's Office of Communications and others. For questions pertaining to these documents, call (614) 644-8562.

Annual Drug Overdose Report Shows Eight-Year Low in Prescription Opioid Deaths and Four-Year Low in Heroin Deaths in Ohio
News release, 9/27/2018 

Earlier Vaccination Urged as Flu Season Approaches
News release, 9/24/2018

Raccoon-Rabies Vaccination Baiting Begins
News release, 8/17/2018 

Ohio Reports First Human West Nile Virus Case in 2018
News release, 7/24/2018 

ODH Declares Statewide Community Outbreak of Hepatitis A
News release, 6/22/2018

Hot Temperatures Expected This Weekend Across Ohio; Tips for Preventing Heat-Related Illnesses
News release, 6/18/2018

With the Arrival of Warm Weather in Ohio, Be Sure to Prevent Tick, Mosquito Bites and the Diseases They Carry
News release, 5/4/2018 

Vaccination Urged for Ohioans at Risk for Hepatitis A
News release, 4/19/2018 

Inaugural Home Visiting Summit Attracts More Than 400 Professionals From Across Ohio to Highlight Home Visiting Services
News release, 4/19/2018 

First Pediatric Flu Death Reported in Ohio
News release, 1/10/2018

Seasonal Flu Hospitalizations Top 2,000
News release, 1/5/2018

Flu Activity in Ohio Elevated to "Widespread"
News release, 12/8/2017

Flu Activity Increasing in Ohio; Still Time to Get Flu Shot
News release, 12/15/2017   

Tick-Borne Lyme Disease Cases in Ohio Rise
News release, 11/09/2017  

Influenza Season Begins in Ohio; Ideal Time to Get a Flu Shot
News release, 10/18/2017 

2016 Ohio Infant Mortality Report 
News release, 10/6/2017

First 2017 Ohio Death in a Human West Nile Virus Case Reported
News release, 09/06/2017  

Health Department Warns of Phone Call Scam Seeking Personal Information
News release, 08/31/2017  

Fentanyl, Carfentanil and Cocaine Drive Increase in Drug Overdose Deaths in 2016
News release, 08/30/2017 

Ohio Reports First Human West Nile Virus Case in 2017
News release, 08/16/2017   

Be Prepared for Back-To-School, Get Your Children Vaccinated
News release, 08/08/2017   

Fight the Bite: Mosquito and Tick Season Begins in Ohio
News release, 05/09/2017  

Protect Yourself Against Zika Virus During Spring Break Travel
News release, 03/22/2017  

Flu-Related Hospitalizations Remain at High Level
News release, 02/24/2017 

Flu-Associated Hospitalizations Continue to Increase; Third Pediatric Death in Two Weeks
News release, 02/10/2017  

Flu Widespread Across Ohio
News release, 01/18/2017  

Number of Ohio Infant Deaths Rise in 2015; State Surging New Resources to Support Local Initiatives 
News release, 11/16/2016  

Flu Season Arrives in Ohio; Time to Get Vaccinated 
News release, 10/27/2016   

First 2016 Ohio Death in a Human West Nile Virus Case 
News release, 09/09/2016  

Ohio's First Human West Nile Virus Cases Reported for 2016
News release, 08/26/2016 

Illicit Fentanyl Continues to Fuel Increase in Drug Overdose Deaths in Ohio
News release, 08/25/2016  

Raccoon-Rabies Vaccination Baiting Begins August 22
News release, 08/19/2016   

Start the School Year Off Right by Getting Vaccinated
News release, 08/02/2016  

CDC Issues Updated Guidance on Pregnant Women and Travel to Florida Area with Local Mosquito-Borne Zika Transmission
News release, 08/01/2016 

Hot Temperatures Expected This Week Across Ohio
News release, 07/20/2016

Ohio Reporting Its First Zika Virus Case Acquired Through Sexual Transmission
News release, 06/22/2016

Medical Examiner's Finding that Prince Died from Fentanyl Overdose Underscores Rise of Drug Nationally and Importance of Naloxone
News release, 06/03/2016

State Strengthens Harmful Algae Bloom Response Strategy For Recreational Waters
News release, 5/27/2016

State Launches Public Awareness Campaign to Promote Naloxone
News release, 5/12/2016

Take Precautions to Prevent Mosquito-Borne and Tick-Borne Diseases
News release, 4/20/2016

CDC Issues Updated Zika Virus Recommendations
News release, 3/28/2016

CDC Issues Report on Ohio Visit Examining Increase in Fentanyl-Related Drug Overdose Deaths
News release, 3/22/2016

Ohio Department of Health Laboratory Begins Zika Virus Surveillance Testing
News release, 3/16/2016

Protect Yourself Against Zika Virus During Spring Break Travel
News release, 3/11/2016

Scrap Metal Facilities in Canton, Mansfield and Massillon Receive Shipments Containing Low Levels of Radiation UPDATE 2
News release, 2/27/2016

Scrap Metal Facilities in Canton, Mansfield and Massillon Receive Shipments Containing Low Levels of Radiation UPDATE
News release, 2/25/2016

Scrap Metal Facilities in Canton, Mansfield and Massillon Receive Shipments Containing Low Levels of Radiation
News release, 2/24/2016

CDC Encourages Following Guidance to Prevent Sexual Transmission of Zika Virus
News release, 2/23/2016

CDC Issues New Guidance on Zika Virus
News release, 2/19/2016

Ohio Reports Two New Zika Virus Cases in Returning Travelers
News release, 2/14/2016

Ohio Reports First Zika Virus Case in Returning Traveler
News release, 2/9/2016

Last Updated: 9/27/2018