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MATCH (MATernal Child Health) data system

The MATCH (MATernal Child Health) data system is a data collection system that automates the collection of Child and adolescent Family Health Services grant program (CFHS) information.  The MATCH system originally housed data for perinatal, family planning and child and adolescent family health services.  The perinatal and family planning data were moved out of the MATCH system several years ago.  Currently, the CFHS program is developing new software that will eventually replace the current MATCH data system. 

MATCH data is submitted to ODH on a quarterly basis.  This can be done by downloading the data to a floppy disk or burned to a CD and mailed to ODH.

Downloadable MATCH Forms

Downloadable MATCH Documentation


If you need technical assistance or would like to schedule an online training, contact:

Russell Satori
Researcher and MATCH/IPHIS Consultant

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Last Updated: 3/28/14