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  Ohio Infant Mortality Task Force

18227-newborn.jpgWelcome to the Ohio Infant Mortality Task Force website.  The infant mortality rate is an important measure of public health.  Ohio’s rate, after steadily decreasing for years, has not substantially changed for the past decade and does not meet the Healthy People 2010 goal.  The Infant Mortality Task Force was established in early 2009 by the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) to (1) take a fresh look at the reasons behind Ohio’s overall infant mortality rate and increasing disparities among different populations; and (2) make both preliminary and long-term recommendations to reduce infant mortality and disparities.  Membership represents a wide range of clinical and public health providers, business, government, associations, faith-based organizations and advocacy groups from across the state that bring knowledge and experience in many aspects of the challenge we face and a shared commitment to make positive changes resulting in better health for Ohio women and infants.

The task force convened in March 2009 and submitted a preliminary report in June 2009.  A final report with background information, recommendations for preventing infant mortality, rationale and strategies was completed in November 2009.  An executive summary of the final report is also available.

In 2010, the Ohio Infant Mortality Task Force, an ad hoc group, evolved into an ongoing collaborative, the Ohio Collaborative to Prevent Infant Mortality. Please go to the collaborative's website for information on current infant mortality prevention efforts.

This site provides access to:

  • Task force preliminary and final reports

  • Videos of meetings

  • Presentations

  • Documents and data pertinent to infant mortality and disparities

We are interested in Ohio research efforts related to infant mortality and disparities.  If you are conducting such research and have not already completed a research survey, please do so.

We are also interested in programs in Ohio which address infant mortality and disparities.  If you have such a program and have not already completed a program inventory, please do so.

Thank you for your interest in addressing the challenges of infant mortality and disparities.

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Infant Mortality Task Force
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Last Reviewed: 10/8/2014