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Guidelines and Publications

This page contains links to guidelines and publications that may be useful in providing school health services.

New! Asthma Inhaler Resources

Sample Asthma Emergency Action Plan

Sample Asthma Inhaler Policy

Diabetes Management

Resources for schools regarding the implementation of House Bill 264/Ohio Revised Code 3313.7112 may be found on the Ohio Department of Education website.

Epinephrine Autoinjector Resources

Sample Anaphylaxis Emergency Action Plan
Sample Epinephrine Autoinjector School Policy

2017-18 Immunization Summary

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) School Nursing Program works with the ODH Immunization Program to share information regarding vaccination requirements for children. The Director’s Journal defines the immunizations for children to attend school in Ohio. Vaccination requirements for the current school year.

Click here to access the Immunization Summary for School Attendance-Ohio that summarizes the K-12 requirements for the 2017-18 school year.

Fact Sheets on Human Trafficking

School Nurse Human Trafficking Protocol Page 1 (Flow Chart)
School Nurse Human Trafficking Protocol Page 2 (General Information)
Human Trafficking Definitions

Childhood Obesity

A Report on the Body Mass Index of Ohio's Third Graders, 2004-2011

This brief report provides state-level data on the prevalence of childhood obesity for Ohio's third-grade population.

A Report on the Body Mass Index of Ohio's Third Graders, 2004-2010

This report provides county-level estimates on the prevalence of childhood obesity for Ohio's third-grade population.

School Nurse Survey

2010 Survey of Health Services in Schools
2008 School Nurse Survey Fact Sheet
2006 School Nurse Survey Fact Sheet (Full Report)

Other resources:

Bloodborne Pathogen Training for School Staff
BMI Screening Guidelines
Body Mass Index of Ohio's Third Graders, 2004-05 Report
Electronic Resources
Food Allergy Policy Requirements and Guidance
Hearing Screening Guidelines
Immunization Information
Infectious Disease Control Manual
Local Health Department Directory
MRSA Training PowerPoint (Revised January, 2015)
MRSA School Brochure
MRSA Parent Brochure
MRSA Coach Brochure
MRSA Athlete Brochure
MRSA Poster
No Flu for You -- student version
No Flu for You -- parent version
No Flu for You -- school version
Ohio's School Nurses Support Student Success
Oral Health Screening Guidelines
The Use of Alcohol-based Hand-Sanitizers in Ohio Schools
School Health Profiles
Vision Screening Guidelines
We All Have A Role In School Safety
What Should I Do If My Child Gets Head Lice?
Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) Report

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