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Transition Issues  


Transition to adult life is a process of planning for the future needs of the youth with special health care needs.  Transition planning should ideally begin before the age of 14 years.  The transition plan should provide the youth with the tools and resources to prepare them for adulthood and to address medical, employment/education and independence issues.  Many times, transition planning is very stressful for families, but the stress can be eased with early planning and discussions with professionals who can assist with the plan.  The plan should be written down and reviewed at least every six months.  Physicians, hospital-based service coordinators and local public health nurses have expertise to assist and guide the family through the transition process.

When your teen turns 18 years of age, they are considered an adult under Ohio law.

Your son or daughter:

· Will be required to sign the BCMH Release of Information and Consent form, except if you are your child’s legal guardian.  This document will be sent to the child prior to their 18th birthday.

· Must give consent for BCMH to discuss their case with anyone, including their parents.  The only exception would be if the child has an appointed legal guardian.  BCMH must be provided a copy of the legal document identifying the legal guardian.

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 Adapted with permission from The Michigan Department of Community Health:  Transition Resource Manual


Last Reviewed:  9/15/2014